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Thursday, September 4, 2008

My first blog

I m never feeling exciting n encouraging before to write a blog before on any community, but today while I m arranging my stuff in my book self I find my old dairy i used write at time of schooling. I open it ..perhaps i open the door of all my dreams, fantasy world, crazy n funny creative world..

I find it so funny that I was used to write poetry, stories on such silly topic but I also find some topics are very relative to todays world...some topics are based on fiction...some with some good things to learn....I want it to keep more safe as they are written by me..more precious than any other creative things I used to do. They have my inner side..what my mind used to think..what I was feel about any thing by heart at that time of period..so I thought to type it on my lappy..then I thought why not on Blog..

So My all these creative words make me to write this blog..As I remember my Hindi teacher was playing important role in my life..when i was very weak in hindi she came in my school or I must say in my life...to make a change in me...she encourage me to understand Hindi Grammer just like i understand sanskrit..(sanskrit was one of my fav subject...which was out of my interest after 10th std)...she actually directed my interest in Hindi..she gave us to write an descriptive story on "Gatna--jismein mujhe gabrana chahiye tha par main nahi gabraayi". she said it should be involving around urself and it may be most fearful nightmare you have...and it frightened you....but you have to write it...

I dont know the story in my dairy is the one which I was submitted to her as an assignment or not but yes I write it on that time..well i want to type it here but i think its better to have a funny poetry (very first one thats I m sure) which I just read from my dairy..Its sound silly I Dont know at that time What I was thinking...but ..ok...here it goes...

Poetry on Nimbu

निम्बू की रचना

जब भगवान् ने मिठास और कड़वे स्वाद बना दिए,
उन का निरक्षण कर पृथ्वी में फैला दिए.

शायद उन्होंने सोचा होगा कुछ कमी है अभी,
जब शिव सोच में पड़ गए इन्द्र भी विचार रहे थे तभी.
विष्णु ने सोचा क्यों न कुछ किया जाए,
सब के मुख पर आश्चर्य का भावः लाया जाए.

देव ऋषि ले चले संदेश ब्रह्मा के पास,
ब्रह्मा को भी अपनी शक्ति की शीधता का हुआ एहसास.
बहुत सोचा गया, बहुत विचार गया.

सभी विध्व्जनो ने लगे अपनी अपनी प्राग्य और ताकत,
विनम्रता से बोली "नवरत्न" अप्सरा आ कर.
क्यों न सभी स्वादों को मिलाया जाए,
एक नए स्वाद की रचना की जाए.

सबको आया विचार पसंद,
सभी प्रफुलित हो गए देवगण.
मिठास, कड़वाहट, तीखा, फिक्का,
सभी स्वादों मिलाये गए बनाया गया एक नया स्वाद,
तब सब ने नाम विचार, विचार कर रखा गया कट्ठा स्वाद.

यही है दास्तान कट्ठेपन की,
यही है कहानी निम्बू की रचना की.

BY HEMA....(Written in 6-8 Std I dont actually remember)

Tell me hows it....Next Blog will include that story..and some more poetry..

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