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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Women have an extra edge of "WO" over the MEN
As a woman I am always proud to be one of them
Women like pinks, Men like Blue
Lets now know the Power of the "W"

Woman as a mother of the man
In this world of man she is the first who "Welcomes" the man
she nourish him, she cherish him,
she is always there for him
she feed him, she lead him,
she actaully a need for him

Woman as a sister of the man
Being grown up with him she is always a "Well Wisher" of the man
she is a competitive,she is supportive,
sometimes she fight with him without any motive
she sometimes talk like a friend,she is sometimes quite at her end,
sometimes she show some path like a guide

Woman as a Wife of the man
In the whole life of man she is true "Walking companion" of the man
she is tender, she is lover,
she is actually sacrifice for him every part of her
she understand him,she cares him,
she is actually inside him as she share him

Woman as a Daughter of the man
Holding her in his hand,she is a "Wish" of the man
she is a blossom,she is a awesome,
whenever he asked her she says he is handsome
she is ready to flew, where to go no clue,
she is for him just like dream come true

Women in these four different role in the life of the man
She done nothing but actually just give back to the man
the affection,care,love,passion,gentleness and the guardian
all which man gave to the women he all gets the same in return

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